In April of 1889, the city of Guthrie exploded in population to over 10,000 people in a single day. The Land Run of 1889 brought in approximately 50,000 people from all over the world who were excited to take a chance at getting one of 12,000 lots. When the cannons went off, the race was on!

On April 19th, the race is on again for prizes in historic downtown Guthrie. At 10:00AM on April 19, 2014, the cannons will go off and runners will run 5K, grab their claim ticket along the way, and return to the Claims Office to see what prize awaits. The best prizes don't go to the fastest, just the luckiest! Join us for 5K of old fashioned fun as we relive the excitement...without horses this time.

Course Map

The course is a true 3.11 mile (5K) course through the downtown Guthrie area. You can view the course map to see exactly where you will run.